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Newsletters for Florida Villa owners

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Have you just purchased your own villa in Florida?

Do you intend to rent the property out to help cover the running costs?

Do you need some help with marketing?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then we can help.

Good marketing goes a long way to making a business venture successful.

If you have just purchased a property in Florida and intend to rent it out then you will need to
have some good marketing ideas. Most importantly you will need some ideas that won't break the bank as far as cost is concerned.

Keeping in constant contact with your guests is the most important thing you can do as this gives them the feel good factor. On average most people book their Florida holiday property at least one year in advance of their holiday. During the booking process a deposit is paid normally of around 20% of the agreed rental price and in most cases the renter doesn't hear from the owner again until the full balance is due to be paid normally around 8 - 10 weeks prior to arrival at the property. This leaves a huge gap of no contact.

Our newsletters give villa owners the opportunity to let their guests know what is going on in the Orlando area and communicate with them every 3 months. The newsletters include new and upcoming rides in the Theme Parks, recommends places to visit, restaurants to eat for family and fine dining occasions, golf courses to play and includes entertainment events in sport, theatre and music.

Each property has its own newsletter banner created with an image of the villa and the swimming pool. Each property has a 10 image slide show and video clip created and these are alternated between newsletters - 10 image slide show quarters 1 & 3 and video clip quarters 2 & 4. There are links from the images and text links direct to the owners own web site and virtual tour if they have one. These links also help each owners own web site perform in the search engines like google, yahoo etc.

Have a look here at our examples by clicking on any newsletter image on this web page to be taken to some of the previous newsletters we have issued.

All this is available for only £32.00 per year YES £32.00 per year. You pay £32.00 and are then sent a link to your own villa newsletter each quarter and you can email this on to as many people as you like at no extra cost.

This must be one of the cheapest marketing tools available to villa owners in Florida and we get great feedback from the villa owners who use them.

Contact us today to have your very own professional looking newsletter created which will keep you one step ahead of the competition and help you MARKET LIKE YOU MEAN IT!

If you are interested you can contact us by clicking here


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